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Get M/WBE Certified

Need help with your M/WBE Certification Application?

For businesses who don't have the time or desire to deal with the M/WBE Certification process but knows how important getting certified is - we've created a system that can help you.

Our team uses our experience and connections to help you put together your application and supporting documents.

We often catch application and/or document errors before we submit your application which many times minimizes the back and forth correspondence with Small Business Services (SBS - NYC agency that approves your application).

And if there are questions SBS - we're there to help you get what's needed to have your M/WBE certification approved.

Get Advice and Guidance

Need help getting the most from your M/WBE Certification?


NYC has over 100 agencies who are constantly posting new opportunities for M/WBE certified companies. 

The first step in using your M/WBE Certification to get contract opportunities with NYC and/or Prime Contractors is MARKETING.

This is a relationship business. And if people with opportunities don't know about you then they are most likely not going to contact you when your assistance is needed.

SMP can help M/WBEs...

  • Ensure your M/WBE profile is up to date

    • Your profile must list all of the codes that represent what you can do

    • Your profile must reflect all of your recent experience with contracts

  • Ensure your web presence represents your company the way you want it to

    • Your website is up to date with accomplishments and contact information

    • Your social media is active and relevant

  • Ensure you network with relevant Procurement officers and Prime contractors

    • Attend relevant meet ups and conferences

    • Maintain relationships through ongoing electronic communications

    • Build a reputation for being a stellar contractor

Get Help with Connections and More

SMP also helps...

Prepare and submit bids for contracts

Connect Prime Contractors with Reliable Sub-Contractors

We help prime contractors find dependable and qualified sub-contractors to work with. We ensure that sub-contractors they are going to work with have the financial capacity to fund the project they are doing.

Help M/WBEs finding Funding Sources to help with cash flow

We help M/WBEs find sources for funds, such as loans, to be financially capable of supporting their projects with the City. This helps the businesses cope with fund shortage and other cost-related issues.